Angela & Matt : Marfa Wedding

So many things to say about this wedding and not enough room to do it! This wedding was a dream. Angela has this effervescence about her that is contagious! And Matt has this way about him that you just know something awesome is going to happen when he's in the room. With charisma and good taste they took their nuptials to far West Texas and gave their friends and family a weekend to remember!

Italy & The Holga Camera

I have oodles and oodles of photographs from my time in Italy & Switzerland. Looking through them I feel so happy to have these memories captured in photographs. But I have to admit that my absolute favorites are those captured on my Holga camera. This is my go-to camera for all of my personal travels. From my own honeymoon till now. There is something so incredibly beautiful to me about the over saturated colors and the imperfection that a plastic lens brings. No, it's definitely not the right camera for everything but when I use it and capture something pretty it really feels like I've created something special. So here are a few of my favorite frames that I hope you'll enjoy. 

Lauren & Ira Part II : Lands End

Some times you just have the most beautiful weather, perfect backdrops and a photogenic couple and you've got to just keep photographing them. The heart wants what the heart wants. My heart did not want to stop taking pictures with this pair. 

Hence, Part II...